Impact on your life

Your Life Quality

Good and bad feelings absolutely define the quality of our lives — some people seem to feel predominantly good and some spend a lot of their time feeling lousy. So why is that ?

The belief, that you can think yourself healthy or unhealthy, often skips an important link — the one that needs us to take some relevant action to change the feeling-producing situation (for the better or for the worse). It does me no good if my finger is stuck in a door-jam, to ”affirm” that I’m OK as I am or think that I should feel differently than I do. … first I got to get the finger free and heal the damage. After that I need to mobilize conscious understanding as to what situations I place myself in… Same thing with the soul. If I feel unhappy it is not that my feeling is wrong — it is very likely to be an accurate response to the situation and the beliefs that I’m stuck in. Feeling ”Unhappy” is likely to mean that I’m in a inner or outer conflict-situation that wants resolving. If I do not acknowledge my unhappiness I will not receive the message that I am in a conflict, requiring resolution. Bad feelings are a sign that there is a need to take action, to uncover, understand and work to break out of old traps and dead-end thinking. This work always starts with understanding how and what we feel. See how it started

During decades of experiencing feelings in different cultures, we also point at a well hidden, poorly understood mechanism. It proposes that the prime ”interpreters” of human feelings have been power-holding authorities with means and interest to shape culture, primarily to be useful to their interest by proclaiming correct or preferred reactions to various situations. In the infancy of printing it was the leaders of the catholic church who could afford to proclaim what the correct beliefs and feelings were — today, in the industrial portion of the world, it is the leaders of finance and industry that have the resources to create and/or use PR- and media empires to influence (or brain-wash) the public. Proclaiming how we should feel is a prime way of manipulating opinion whether through politics, religion, law making and through media. See politics

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