Moral vs. legal

Feelings in the legal world.

”Loss of ethics is in my opinion largely a result of replacing naturally felt ethics with a legal ethic (including religious, military, political or generally ideology-based ethics — prescriptions by the ruling body of what is correct to feel).

When a number of high powered people get inordinantly wealthy by doing an Enron on their employees and shareholders, they steal from individuals and they steal from the public but because of legal manouvering by high powered law firms, they are not going to jail as other people with minor legal means at their disposal surely would. In the ethical world they are guilty … in the legal world they are smart, merely making use of ”legal” means.. Nowhere is this as prevalent as in the USA. With 10% of the worlds population and 75% of the worlds lawyers, it is not difficult to figure out how this could happen. The right to pursue happiness has become the right to pursue wealth and power over others — is this what constitution intended?

Now, a new class of feudal ”corporate lords” have been created where individuals once again are kept in place by mortgages, stock options and bonus-promises and a legal system that as a rule make legal decissions in favor of the strongest law-firm (unless the case is blatantly clear).

This is the way for a power elite to get their way over ”lesser” peoples natural feelings. Naturally felt right / wrong and good / bad has been replaced by legal justice, that gets the OJ Simpsons and the Enron manipulators off the hook and fills the US jails with disobediant ”criminal subjects” — criminal in part because they can’t afford to get off. It seems to happen automatically when the ”right to govern” is handed over to a government structure that over time can write their own rules.

What will it take for us to take back our own felt truth from the world that honors fabricated rule by power interest?

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