Sex & brain chemicals

A practice that can turn a sexless relationship around

A cure for post orgasm depression, addictions and violence against women in couples relationships? Add to this that it can happen without ”willpower” or drugs — all it requires is to walk a new path. The discovery works the amazing changes ”by itself”. Actually it is accomplished by your body’s neurochemistry. Read on.

Your sex life is in jeapardy from your own brain chemicals

Orgasm ends the attraction to your lover not just ”for now”. It sets in motion separation between lovers through a repeat-play of neurochemicals … both dopamine (the neuro-chemical producing desire) and oxytosin (the pair bonding neuro-chemical) is sharply and repeatedly lowered as prolactin (the I’m-done-here…gotta-go signal substance) rises and will operate on you for a couple of weeks after orgasmic sex. This often cause couples to feel less affection and lower sexual-interest in each other. Can this play out differently? Yes, very much so says Marnia Robinson.

”Recent research on pair bonding suggests that both oxytocin and dopamine are necessary for the feeling of being ”in love” – that is, to maintain what scientists call a pair bond…. shortly after orgasm, they both crash leaving lovers at odds, finding fault with each other … luckily there is a way around this”.

Marnia Robinson

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